Air conditioning maintenance

aircon_1Just like your car – or any other expensive piece of equipment – your air conditioner requires regular maintenance if it’s to stay in peak working order. Failing to have it regularly serviced isn’t just a costly mistake, but a frustrating one as it could result in having to replace the entire unit.

However, unlike a car, carrying out servicing on your air conditioning unit is not only dangerous but illegal in most states unless you’re a licensed electrician.

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How Central Air Conditioners Work

central-air-conditioning-systemA central air condition is made up of two separate components: the condenser, which is usually located outside the house on a concrete slab, and the evaporator coil which is mounted in the roof space or under the house (if on stumps).

The majority of central air conditioners will be connected to a home’s forced-air distribution system. That means the same motor/blower/ductwork that is used to heat the home, is also used to distribute the cool air.

A common issue experienced by a central air conditioner that hasn’t been well maintained is a distribution problem. This is when the air conditioner is working, but the house isn’t cooling.

aircon_4As the evaporator and condenser are both sealed, a professional service person should be called for any maintenance. Manufacturers recommend units be professionally inspected and adjusted before the beginning of every cooling season – but don’t let that be the only annual check!

To keep your system operating at peak efficiency, remember to regularly:

  • Keep any plants cut back and away from the outdoor unit.
  • Wash dirt, dust & debris off of the unit.
  • Change filter every 90 days.

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