Dechellis Homes

Dechellis Homes has been proudly building homes for South Australian’s for the last 40 years. Our dedication to providing clients with a quality home that exceeds expectations has been paramount to our success. Our experience in design and building has led to our accolades and awards; which we believe is a statement of our outstanding skills and passion for what we do and believe in.

At Dechellis Homes we understand and recognise that our clients are unique in their lifestyles. We offer an extensive range of innovative and flexible home designs to suit these needs. We pride ourselves on quality and providing you with options – Your Home, Your Choice. Our commitment to continually diversify our home designs by offering practical and aesthetically pleasing homes, has ensured we have earned our respected reputation in the South Australian building industry.

Why build with Dechellis Homes? Because you can! We are competitive with our pricing, delivering value to our client. We will work with you to create a home to your lifestyle and budget. Our team of designers, home consultants and building supervisors will ensure you feel comfortable throughout the building process.


Good designs and quality standards usually delivered given costs can be a little dearer than others.


Post build issues not receiving timely support unless escalated to higher levels in company. Maintenance/warranty issue delays.

Watch out for

Ensure that a process is agreed to address timely resolution of build issues during and post construction. Independent build inspection service would minimise risk of issues.


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