Fairmont Homes

FAIRMONT HOMES has been in business since the mid sixties, growing from a sole trader into South Australia’s most prominent home builder. In that time Fairmont has constructed in excess of 20,000 new homes.

Our greatest achievement over the years has been our positive influence on the South Australian building industry. Our drive for high quality and low prices has set the high standard the others have been forced to match which has helped create South Australia’s reputation of having the best value new housing in Australia.

Our belief is that success also means sharing, giving something back to the community. Fairmont Homes has supported many of the disadvantaged by its financial support and involvement with charitable organisations.

Substantial support over the years to sporting clubs has given delight and entertainment to people from all walks of life and age groups.

Fairmont’s vast experience and ‘know-how’ is backed by dedicated teams of sales staff, administration staff and trades people. To produce homes of the highest quality, Fairmont employ only the best qualified trades people using the best building materials available.


Lower cost. Sales process help/advice. Modifications possible.


Customer communications during and post build. Finishes and fitout can be variable. Milestones/deadlines can slip.

Watch out for

Ensure all aspects of agreements/conversations are documented in detail and signed. Independent inspection services may be beneficial.


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