How to repair holes and cracks in concrete


Small hairline cracks in concrete aren’t a problem and should be expected in garage floors and outside pathways. But you will need to repair large cracks and holes to stop them from filling with water – which could freeze in extreme weather and cause more damage. Water filled cracks compressed by vehicles travelling over them create enough force to split more concrete open creating a larger issue. It is recommended to repair cracks as soon as possible to avoid a larger more complex and expensive repair.

How to repair holes and cracks in concrete

Step 1

Chip away the damaged area to a depth of at least 15mm with a sharp, cold chisel and a club hammer. Then undercut the edge of the concrete with the chisel to hold the filler in place.

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Step 2

Brush away any dust and debris from the hole and paint it with PVA adhesive, diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Step 3 When the PVA is tacky, you can fill the area with a concrete repair filler mix. Use a float to level the surface with the surrounding concrete. Lastly, cover the area with polythene and leave it to harden for three days

How to repair holes and cracks in concrete