There are plenty of reasons why you should build your brand new home with Metricon. We have enjoyed a proud history of building quality homes for Australians since 1976. Our commitment to excellence continues to this very day and this is why we have helped thousands of Australians into their very own home.

Thanks to our large display network across many regions of Australia, you will have an opportunity to see and enjoy our beautiful home designs and stunning interior styles for yourself.

We want to sell you a home for the right reasons. Because the home suits your needs perfectly, without compromise, without breaking your budget. Because you simply fall in love with the design, and what it will mean for your lifestyle and those you love. Read on for even more reasons why you should build with Metricon.


Metricon have been around for a long time and as a result offer one of the bigger ranges in the market, catering for the larger more opulent home to the more entry level home. The willingness to modify “Base” designs to add a bit here and take a bit away there adds to the feeling you are a valued customer.


After build and handover, fixing the small issues is one thing but rectifying anything more than a general handyman can do becomes a bit more of a challenge. Securing the maintenance team at a time that suite you is another challenge. For major structural issues or where you find something is simply not what was ordered, this builder seems more than happy to argue and stretch the process on beyond sensible or necessary time frames. When the going gets tough communication slows dramatically.

Watch out for

Attention to detail and delivering the exact components and finishes contracted to provide can be an issue. Itens incorrect can take a very long time to rectify with some items being requested to be rectified after handover. High turnover of staff and trades leading to inconsistency and poor relationships with customers. Studio staff can be a little too forceful with their tastes and colour palet which can lead to less confident purchasers to simply accept whats presented.


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