fenceA timber slat or picket fence is a great way to add character to your home. However, similar to a timber deck, without the proper care a timber fence will begin to rot and buckle.

One way of protecting the timber is by painting it – this task should be done annually if it’s to have any protective effect on the timber. An experienced painter has all the equipment required to paint a timber fence in a fraction of the time it would take the average weekend warrior. However, if you do want to undertake this task yourself you can hire the equipment from your local hardware store or hire company.

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Timber Tips

fencing_1If you’re thinking about getting a timber fence, ensure the timber you purchase is pressure treated. Timber that’s been pressure treated contains specific chemicals that help it resist bugs and water damage.

Timber fences that are left to their own devices after installation will begin to warp or split around one year after installation. In five to eight years, the fence may even start to lean. To prolong the life of your fence, be sure you apply a quality wood preservative to help seal it.

fencing_2If your timber fence has been pressure-treated, a sealant isn’t necessary as the timber already has been injected with preservatives. You can, however, safely apply a stain if you wish to coordinate it with the rest of your home..

Finally, keep sprinklers pointed away from your fence as moist timber is prone to rotting faster than dry timber. If you have vines or bushes nearby, be sure you prune them regularly and keep them off the fence.