finance_3We are all guilty of taking the easiest route possible with regards to mortgages, insurance and general financial advice. However, experience has shown that you can save anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands by engaging an independent financial adviser prior to selecting a mortgage provider as they are not restricted to the products on offer by any single institution.

Building Assistance Australia have negotiated a unique package with one of the few remaining truly independent Australia wide financial brokers. The package includes mortgage advice, comparison, selection and secure the most appropriate mortgage for your unique circumstances as standard but also includes an overall financial review of your super and investment portfolio for FREE with an independent broker.

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Why use Independent Advisors?

The financial services industry moves quickly. So it’s almost impossible for the general public to keep pace with new products, services and special deals.

Your bank will always offer you a mortgage and for the most part, people do not generally take the time to ensure that the biggest purchase and debt of their life is supported by the best deal available to them.

Most of the general public struggle to understand the different offers available, or understand how to choose the right one for them so the default is go to their current bank and be told / lead. This is what your bank is betting on and if you take a look at their profits you will quickly work out they are not being nice because you are a customer already. No it’s because there is a lot of profit to them by lending to you.

One of the big advantages of taking financial advice through a qualified practitioner is that it gives you access to all the products on the market. An independent financial advisor will ask their client a whole range of questions about their circumstances and financial goals to ensure the correct solution is offered. They can often negotiate preferential deals on your behalf. Something the bank has no capability or reason to do as they only want to sell their mortgages.

Not only can your independent financial advisor find a ‘one off’ solution for you, they can also prepare a long term financial plan on your behalf which they will implement, monitor and change in line with your circumstances. In that situation, your financial advisor becomes almost a one-stop-shop for your financial needs.

Once they have that information, the international financial advisor will make recommendations drawn from the ‘whole of the market’. IFAs are answerable to the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and as such, must they adhere to very strict rules. And as they act on your behalf, advisors must always spell out – in writing – the reasons why they recommended a particular product or course of action.

Financial planning involves thinking about, and planning for, a broad range of current and future financial circumstances and needs. For those reasons alone, preparing a sound financial plan can be difficult and calling on expert knowledge can do much to ensure that the plan is successful.

Going it alone…

Finding the most appropriate financial products involves considerable research, an understanding of the implications of charges, assessing the risks and identifying any potential taxation issues. Even with a relatively thorough and up to date knowledge of the market you may not identify all the available options and ultimately buy a financial product that doesn’t meet your needs or is entirely inappropriate.

Working with an expert…

An independent financial advisor has an up to date and broad understanding of all the most important aspects of the financial services market. That knowledge and experience backed up by the very latest research enables an advisor to identify and shortlist the most appropriate options for your specific needs.

In common with other professions, independent financial advisors must, by law, be qualified. In addition, many advisers study for further qualifications which enables them to advise on highly specialized aspects of personal financial planning. All advisors commit to the highest standards of ethical behavior and can be trusted to act in your best interests with the utmost discretion.

Building Assistance Australia have taken the hard work out of the equation and through personal experience, research and feedback, selected the best broker to provide our customers with a one stop shop for all mortgage and general financial needs.

By engaging our verified supplier you get:-

Experienced advisers giving you confidence and peace of mind

  • Regulated and highly qualified advisers
  • Gain professional help with financial and legal matters – achieve your goals
  • Access the best products and deals in the market
  • Can leave you better off and save you time
  • Advisers are unbiased and provide an independent service in your best interest

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