Now that’s you’ve moved in, it’s important that you don’t neglect or forget about the maintenance side of things! By knowing what maintenance tasks you have, and planning accordingly, you’ll be able to keep the relevant warranties valid.

So during the first 12 months, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the below annual maintenance tasks. That way, in the event you need to call upon your warranty, it will be valid and ready for use.

Before engaging in ANY work yourselves or before engaging trades to to complete work on your behalf it is wise to understand the legal requirements within your state. Please visit our Trade Licence Check page by clicking here.

Termite inspections yearly

termiteOnce termites move in, their insatiable appetite means they won’t waste much time in destroying timber in your home. While most insurance companies don’t insure against termite damage, there are good termite protection companies that do. If you’d like a termite protection quote, Click here to read the full Article.

Gas safety checks & maintenance

gasMost gas based ducted heaters reside within the home, often in the roof space. A malfunctioning burner, paired with a gas leak, spells catastrophe. Plus, because these units are often tucked away in a roof space, they require an expert eye to access and assess. For a quality gas safety check quote, Click here to read the full Article.

Pool maintenance

poolThere’s more to pool maintenance than simply topping up the salt or adding in chlorine. A poorly maintained pool isn’t much fun to swim, and in worst-case-scenarios it can cause a variety of health & skin issues – even reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your pump & filter equipment. For a quote on pool maintenance, Click here to read the full Article.

Air conditioning maintenance

Without the necessary training, tools and certification, maintaining your AC unit can be pretty complicated – and we don’t recommend you try! When you regularly have your AC unit serviced, you can enjoy greater efficiency and a longer lifespan – not to mention avoiding the hassle and cost of replacing a broken unit! For a quote on AC maintenance, Click here to read the full Article.

Garage Door Maintenance

Most garage door system safety and maintenance tasks can be performed by yourself – if you’re handy and know your way around a tool box! If you’re not comfortable, it’s better to have them carried out by a trained service technician. To obtain a garage door maintenance quote, Click here to read the full Article.

Deck maintenance

decking-careA well-maintained deck makes a great addition to any garden. A poorly-maintained deck can become a green, slippery eye sore. What’s more, not regularly tending to your deck will lead to early deterioration and discolouration. If you’d like to save yourself a weekend’s work, you can get a deck maintenance quote Click here to read the full Article.

External Painting

paint_pourEven with perfect application, using the best brands, your house paint will still need to be redone or touched up. Again, if you have the time and tools, and are confident in selecting the correct colour, this is a task you can carry out yourself. However, if you’d prefer to leave it to the experts, you can obtain a competitive external painting quote Click here to read the full Article.

Fence Maintenance

Just like timber decking, wooden fences look fantastic – when they are properly maintained. But if you let your fence maintenance fall on the wayside, it will quickly begin to look neglected and rot away. For tips on how to care for your fence and prolong its lifespan, or to obtain a fence maintenance quote, Click here to read the full Article.