It’s time for you to finally get out of the rent cycle and own your own home! 


None of your time wasted 

                       You need not move from your home as all Information, Designs, Facades and Inclusions are

                       all presented directly to customers via accessible folders on the Web. No more trudging

                       round multiple builders show homes !

​                       Our negotiation skills ensure all those little changes to designs you would really like are

                       incorporated for you whilst not being charged by the builder for changing their designs.

                       Something most builders charge for !

                       Finance can also be arranged remotely, no need to attend any office, ever !

Work together to get best results

                       BAA provide a very personalised service that aims to understand each customers specific

                       needs and wishes and present the best options available within the price and location

                       identified. We are proud to have assisted many customers with requirements from specific

                       orientation of blocks to designs with prayer rooms and designs that are fengshui friendly. We

                       go out of our way to ensure each customers journey is as painless as possible, providing the    

                       best outcomes available through listening in the first instance !

Fixed Price Turn Key solutions

                       Our main forte is finding or creating the best house and land package available, in the area

                       you are looking to live and within the budget you have. Something easily said but often too

                       hard for customers to achieve without assistance. All our packages include everything

                       including the kitchen sink ! You will not need to upgrade or do any work once you move in.

                       Found land ? If you have not approached the land agent already then don’t, BAA are very often

                       able to secure a discount on your behalf where you will generally be unable to do so.

                       Engage BAA to be your advocate to benefit from our experience and contacts !

We would love to facilitate your home ownership journey, removing the pain most encounter. 
The first step to building your very own home starts with a complimentary consultation. 
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