acaBuilding Assistance Australia is designed to clearly identify all issues and challenges connected with building a new home and smooth the path by clearly articulating the process of building along with all the specific information concerning nuances builders will generally not volunteer, the issues that regularly surface and offer solutions, tips and tricks as well as services to both reduce stress and cost of the overall build.

Indeed, if you sign up to all information and services available on this site we guarantee you will reduce your overall spend and stress levels whilst delivering a build quality higher than most will ever achieve by working directly and solely with a builder.

The site was constructed as a result of a very poor experience by the founders which resulted in a building site shutdown for months, legal battles, bills galore and A Current Affair filming that never got to air as the builder suddenly wanted to settle ! Our aim is for you to avoid this level of dissatisfaction and interruption in addition to providing you with the tools, knowledge and contacts to save a small fortune whilst achieving your dream house with minimal surprises, unforeseen costs & stress.

Our content has been designed to put the more legally focused content available from the regulatory bodies into a language that the general public can understand and associate with whilst being correct, true and as helpful as possible, complementing the more legally focused information available throughout the WEB.

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