Did you know that you have the right to appoint your own surveyor – even if your builder has appointed their own?

surveyorAs the first person on any construction site, the surveyor measures and maps the land to be used later by the architects and engineers. Architects rely on the measurements provided by the surveyors to help them understand the landscape during the design phase, while the engineers use the measurements to accurately and safely plan structures. It’s these measurements that ensure your building will fit comfortably on the approved building envelope, and within the imposed council regulations.

Why would I appoint a surveyor when the builder will do it for me?

The number one reason for appointing your own surveyor is that the quality and validity of your build depends on the outcomes put forward by the building surveyor!

To ensure your build starts on time, complies with regulations and is of a standard that allows you to legally occupy it upon completion, your building surveyor will:

  • Request and manage the process to obtain Building Permits
  • Complete inspections to confirm the build is per plan and meets regulations
  • Review and approve Alternative Building Solutions on behalf of the builder
  • Apply for Occupancy Permits to allow you to live in the property

surveyor_2Think of it this way: the builder employs their own surveyor to “police” the site – and their build. So if the surveyor were to cause issues and raise formal faults, or recommend alternative building solutions that cost the builder – their “employer” – money, it’s unlikely that builder would hire the surveyor again in the future, hence costing the surveyor guaranteed income.

Not all builders and surveyors operate this way, and there are plenty respectable ones out there. But when it comes to building your home, it pays to be prudent – it could save you time, money and stress down the line.