How long will it take for someone to contact me?

Our trusted suppliers normally respond within 48 hours. Depending on the enquiry and complexity of the request. To obtain the most accurate quotation, ensure you provide as much detail as possible.

How many businesses will contact me?

We will send your details to a small number of selected and accredited professionals. The reason we do not scour the internet for who is available at the time is Quality. Every supplier we work with has been very carefully vetted with their work inspected and references verified. Additionally, we have only selected those suppliers that are reliable and will not give our customers the run-around whilst providing value for money and high quality. We will only ever send you a maximum of 3 quotations for consideration.

Do I have any obligation to hire any of the businesses you put me in touch with?

No, our service just puts you in touch with these businesses. It is totally up to you which or if you decide to hire any business. However, please recgonise that the businesses represent real and peoples livelihoods and are looking for real work. Therefore please ensure you have a genuine request and need to have work completed.

Planning Your Build

Building requires planning and a lot more input than you imagine. You have walked through the show home and decided you want one but there are an awful lot of decisions left to make which major builders will not assist you with. Their aim is for you to purchase their product and spend as much as possible on their upgrade items.

Items that will need to be addressed include the following:

  • Finance – This fundamentally needs to be in place? Click here
  • Utilities – What utilities will be required and who will supply and connect them? – Builders have deals which make them money, here you can choose who to connect with. Click here
  • Fencing – Most builders do not include fencing as it generally involves two parties. Read more on fencing, the legalities and how to find the best installer.
  • Legal – Most of us ae not solicitors nor have the understanding or experience of building contracts. Spending a very small amount for checking contracts is eminently sensible before you commit yourself to a large financial commitment. Click here
  • Inspectors – The best way to ensure your build complies to both the legal obligations of the builder, the most current standards and your actual design is to hire an expert. In the long run this simple step can save you huge amounts of money and ensure you receive a quality build to enjoy. Click here

Choosing Your Builder

Considering purchasing a home is normally the biggest purchase an individual / family ever makes, being informed about your builder before entering into a contract is eminently sensible. There are many great things a builder will tell you about the service they offer as you walk through the display and choosing the home you wish to build. We have yet to find a builder that will clearly and accurately point out what they will not do for you or what areas of their process is restrictive.

This is why we have taken the hard work out for you and provided a one stop where you can find out what the Pros and Cons of each are so you can make a fully informed decision. To read more, find out the pros and cons for each builder and see a customer only ranking and reviews, click here.