The builder ranking and reviews on the Building Assistance Australia’s site are unlike a lot of the other review sites throughout Australia. We are different for a couple of reasons. Firstly and most of importantly, we have absolutely NO affiliation, sponsorship, bias or infiltration from ANY builder and therefore all the reviews you see on our site are from genuine customers. BAA will not post any review without first reading and confirming authenticity. This does create a lot of work for us but we believe the effort and delays in your post reaching the public is well justified. Secondly, we do not allow anyone but BAA customers to provide feedback. Again we do this to ensure we can confirm the post is authentic. We also check for promotions that builders hold to cancel out the “Give me a good rating and I will give you a prize” – Yes, this happens more than you know.

What this means for our customers is that the rankings you see and may potentially use to make a decision on which builder to use are genuine and reflective of actual experiences of real customers not builders masquerading as customers.